“Women of the world… Women love peace to raise their children in, so, why don’t you make peace your number one goal? I, as a Palestinian, know intimately that there are two kinds of peace; the first, peace which is built on the bodies of those brutalized and murdered to silence their call for their just rights; the second, a peace which comes from understanding a people’s suffering, sitting down with them to genuinely solve and resolve their problems so that justice and equality can be the code of the land, not death and suffering.

This is the only peace.

Although we are at the end of the twentieth century, we only see a peace of the terror and destruction, peace through surrender, humiliation and elimination. Until when?? Why don’t we, women, raise our voices high and strong in the service of true peace to preserve our children, our future, as human beings? As a Palestinian I ask you to support my call for true peace for my people, we are not subhuman, we are people with history and civilization. We are mothers and fathers and children. We have had enough killing and diaspora. I smuggled my dream in my hidden wishes and crossed the ocean in hope for peace; for my Palestinian sisters who lost their children in wars and have been widowed at an early age. I ask you for true peace for my people.”

Feryal Abbasi-Ghnaim, Somerville, Massachusetts, June 28th 1985